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Do You Have A Strong Retirement Plan? 

Learn how simple retirement planning is today!

Retirement Planning

Most may think that retirement is a long way off. Developing a strong retirement plan can be important in working towards a financially independent future. By developing a retirement plan, or finishing one, you are preparing for the day that you finally leave the workforce. Whether you are busy starting a career or finishing one, there are steps to take that will better prepare you for the retirement you always envisioned.

We Are Here to Guide You

Retirement planning includes determining how much money you want to have in retirement, the age you plan to retire, and the actions required to achieve those goals. Planning strategies include savings plans and investments.  IRAs and 401(k) retirement accounts are popular investment vehicles because they come with many tax advantages. A smart retirement plan will not only consider your assets and income sources but future liabilities and expenses.

Retirement Planning Goals

The team of dedicated professionals at Eastgate Financial Group are here to guide you through the retirement planning process from timeline and goals to mitigating risk. A strong retirement plan considers the following:

  • Career specifics including future income estimates and the length of service to retire
  • Individual income tax rates (future and present)
  • Risk and return of current assets
  • Available investment options
  • Age you plan to retire
  • Available income sources

Retirement Income Planning

Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, and personal savings, and investments are expected to play a role. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources.

Important retirement decisions include the following: 

  • What to do in retirement?
  • When is the best time to retire?
  • Where is the best place to to live?
  • When to claim Social Security benefits?
  • How to take pension distributions?
  • What is the best way to cover health care expenses?
  • How to turn assets into income?

Consider A RICP®

A Retirement Income Certified Professional, RICP®, is a financial professional that specializes in retirement income plans. Our advisor, Scott Stevens, has earned the RICP® designation and advises retirees or pre-retirees on appropriate strategies that focus on accumulating assets to work towards their retirement dreams. RICP® conferred by The American College of Financial Services.

Eastgate Financial Group is Here For All Your Retirement Planning Needs

The team at Eastgate Financial Group can help you start planning for the future. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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