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Avoid Surprises During Upcoming Tax Seasons

Put together a customized tax strategy that better prepares you for the future

When you first begin investing, you might believe that the biggest threats to your wealth are risks from market changes or bad investments. These certainly can wipe out your earnings if you do not take the proper steps to mitigate them. However, taxes can also pose a real financial threat. Tax planning services can help you take proactive steps to reduce your tax burden.

How We Help You Achieve This

Many tax planning strategies provide mutual benefits to other businesses and even nonprofit organizations. For instance, donating tangible items is one of the ways we help clients reduce tax debts.

There is no one strategy that works for all our clients. To ensure we come up with a strategy that is suitable for you, your financial advisor generally does the following:

  • Determine the appropriate tax-efficient investment vehicles for saving money, such as retirement accounts or HSAs.
  • Choose passive investment options that might reduce taxable incidents for you while continuing to help build your wealth.
  • Design a comprehensive wealth accumulation plan that considers not just your current year-to-year taxes, but also what your heirs might pay on inherited assets.

How To Get Started

At Eastgate Financial Group, we always begin with a thorough review of your financial situation and risk tolerance before drafting tax planning strategies. Contact Us for more information.

Eastgate Financial Group and LPL Financial do not provide tax advice or services. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.