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Three Ways to Safely Celebrate the Start of the New Year

Three Ways to Safely Celebrate the Start of the New Year

December 04, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic put quite a crimp on large parties or even smaller gatherings in close quarters, and now, holiday gatherings and events are likely to look very different in 2020. But different doesn't necessarily mean bad, and there are a number of creative ways to maintain social distance while still enjoying the company of your loved ones. Read on for three COVID (and budget)-approved ways to celebrate the New Year.

Consider Moving Outside

Depending on where you are in the U.S., celebrating outside may be a viable option. Being outside can make it easier to socially distance, and if you utilize patio heaters and decorative lights, you should be able to make it feel festive. Another alternative is a garage or other larger space that will allow you to open the doors to let in the fresh air. If you do decide to gather indoors, be sure to mask up.

Begin Some New Traditions

For many, 2020 hasn't been the luckiest year. You may want to say goodbye to this year in style by trying some new good-luck traditions or foods to bring in 2021. These can include:

  • Wearing white for good luck and peace (popular in Brazil);
  • Setting off firecrackers or fireworks (also popular in China); 
  • Fixing long noodles, black eyed peas, mandarins, or cabbage, all of which are viewed as lucky; 
  • Popping 12 grapes into your mouth at each stroke of the clock (popular in Spain).2

By expanding your current New Year's Eve repertoire to include some of these traditions, you'll be able to learn more about other cultures and, hopefully, boost your luck as you turn over a new year.

Let Single-Serve Items Do the Heavy Lifting

If you're planning to serve food and beverages, it's important to help your guests avoid double-dipping, using their hands to grab food, or otherwise inadvertently sharing germs with others. Being able to quickly grab a plate and then resume social distancing will be the name of the game. Single-serve or personalized items like canned or bottled drinks (including canned wine and spritzers), monogrammed wine glasses or champagne flutes, and  disposable plates cutlery, can help you and your guests avoid close contact with each other while continuing to eat, drink, and make merry.



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